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Aimee Hair

Inner Balance Starter


INNER BALANCE STARTER is for everyone wanting to achieve peace and balance within. When used correctly, this oil can help you reduce stress and negative emotions.

Spearmint-Flavoured, 1floz/30ml.
Pure hemp oil, 100% natural hemp extract oil.



INNER BALANCE STARTER is for everyone.

    • Perfect for re-establishing balance to your Body, Mind, and Spirit and reducing inflammation throughout. Improving your general health and vitality whilst increasing your body’s natural defences.
    • Suitable also for symptoms that are mild-average in nature (1-5).
    • Imagine waking up rested, feeling strong and ready to take on a new day with positivity.
    • Vanessa’s Pure, organic hemp extract oil is grown as nature intended, with the full benefit of natural sunlight, life-giving rain, and rich Oregon soil.
    • Lovingly nurtured and harvested respecting the integrity of the plants and processed in a pharmaceutical grade, state of the art facility.
      Over 500 botanical compounds in-tact, complete with a full spectrum of terpenes, flavonoids and Chlorophyll.


INGREDIENTS: Hemp oil, Organic sunflower oil, Organic spearmint flavour

  • 100% NATURAL HEMP OIL DROPS – Utilising sustainable, best farming practices with zero pesticides, non GMO. Fast acting with organic great Spearmint flavour.
  • PLANT A TREE – One native tree is planted every time you purchase a bottle of premium hemp oil. Vanessa Health is committed to reforestation and giving back to nature.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY HEMP OILS – Including (but not limited to) full-spectrum of Terpenes, Chlorophyl and over 500 other botanical compounds.
  •  BEAUTIFUL PACKAGING – Fully recyclable and discreet when travelling.
  • Making it a perfect gift for someone you care about.


    • Natural, pure hemp oil, third party tested and 100% trusted.
    •  Rigorous testing and state of the art CO2 extraction methods ensuring the integrity of the hemp oil.
    • By now we understand the importance of giving back to Mother Nature for her potent and powerful gifts of wellness and relief.


  • Trust your body…