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Aimee Hair

Idea to Income


Have a great idea for a business but not sure where to start? Or been in business for a while and know you can be doing better?

'Idea to Income' workshop if for beginners in business; for the people who are brave enough to dream and give it go

If you are brand new to business, or been running your own business for a little while and ready to take your business to the next level - this is the workshop for you! 

This course is suitable for sole traders, in service based industries, who are looking to really take control of their idea and create a profitable business. 

This workshop is a hands on, fully immersive, business start up process... we will cover:
- Registering your business
- Insurance
- Budgeting
- Marketing
- Bookkeeping
- Customer Service
- Policies and Procedures
- Terms and Conditions
- Personal and Business Values
- Time management
- Business culture
- Booking Systems
- Websites

Spots are limited for the live and interactive version of the workshop, so be sure to secure your spot.


Aimee Hair has been in business for herself for over 13 years. She loves start up business and has built many businesses to multiple six figures and a million dollar company. She took her first business from start-up to turning over $250,000+ in under 18 months, alone. 

She is passionate about helping people find peace and happiness in their lives and helping them to create business - and ultimately - financial success. 


*Afterpay is available*

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