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The Mindset Shift

❗️ Exciting News❗️

Yayyyy - I'm running my courses again!!

Welcome to my 5 part program 'The Mindset Shift' group sessions 

The info:
- This course is delivered via zoom (social distancing ✔️)
- Two options for session times, Wednesday's at either 11am-1pm or 7pm-9pm ⏰
- Yes, you can do a one-on-one, just reach out and ask
- You can just do one module, or register for the full program
- If Wednesday's don't work, send me a DM to register your interest for additional days
- Session link's will be emailed 15 minutes prior to commencement 👩‍💻
- The program will be live and interactive with q&a

What will you achieve?
- An improved sense of self
- Effective communication with your loved ones and children
- How to communicate openly with your ex and co-parent effectively, putting the children first
- change the way you think about yourself and those around you
- change your mindset towards hardship, adversity and trauma
- handling the complexities of having sick children
- open and honest communication with your partner
- getting 'sexy back' with your partner
- how to open the conversation of sex

How to sign up?
- click the 'ticket' link
- select either the full program or the individual modules that you'd like to participate in