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Cacao Ceremony

Join me on my monthly Cacao Ceremony ritual, as we let go of the fears, boundaries and self-limitations that are holding you back from living a life full of peace and happiness.
Set wishes and intentions for the future and send them to the earth to grow and flourish.

A Cacao Ceremony is a sacred spiritual event that are a type of shamanic healing. These types of healing ceremonies work with rebalancing energies in the body to regain health and spirituality.

The ceremony includes:
- Prepared Cacao
- Guided meditation
- Guided release of fears and limitations, released into the fire
- Guided wishes and intentions setting, then sowed into the earth
- a LOT of fun and energetic healing with a beautiful group of like minded people

**If you are in Townsville, you are welcome to join us locally. If you are anywhere else, please order online and I will post your tools and cacao out to you and send you a Zoom link to join in the ceremony**

Looking forward to sharing space and the experience with you...
~ Aimee xx