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Wholly sh*t-balls batman, WTF just happened?

Written by Aimee Hair


Posted on March 19 2020

I don't know about you, but I am well f'kn over hearing about CVOD-19, coronavirus, CV-19 - whichever way they want to display it. 

Here's what I know:
At the time of writing this (Thursday March 19 at 5pm) there has been 219,385 cases of coronavirus world-wide.
There are have been 8,970 deaths world-wide.

Here's what else I know:
21,744 people died of hunger today.
802,624,870 people without access to safe drinking water this year.
104,792 people have died from the flu this year.
66,646 mothers have died while giving birth this year.
137 women are killed each day in a domestic violence assault world-wide.

And this is the other thing I know:
MILLIONS of people, myself included are now shutting down businesses, out of work and struggling to meet their financial obligations quite literally overnight. I own an events business, I had four full-time employees, I had an office, I had work booked and ready in the near future... all gone, in an instant, thanks to the coronavirus. Now I'm fortunate enough that I have a great mindset and am able to see that there are benefits in the situation... even though it is hurting me and I'm upset that I have been forced to put other's in a difficult situation, I know there is light at the end and I have belief in my ability to turn this all around. Unfortunately there will be other people who will not be able to cope with the pressure of this and what they have undergone and the consequence of that will be another statistic to add to the mix - an increase in the rate of depression and suicide. 

This whole situation is a mess and personally, I believe it could have been handled better. Correct me if I'm wrong (truly, please do...) but wouldn't we have been better off keeping the high risk people in isolation (aka - protection) and allowing everyone else to continue as 'normal' to get this disease 'in and out' as fast as possible? This would protect the vulnerable and would have protected jobs and industries... I am gutted, completely gutted to find not just myself, but people that I care about stuck in this situation. It's horrific. Every morning I wake up and search for some good news, for someone to say 'it's all over, go back to normal.' The sad thing, for so many people, normal will now be different... 

Another thing that I don't understand... why has the Government been so quick in helping airlines, multi-million and multi-billion dollar companies with huge profits when the little guys in 'husband-wife businesses,' SME's and sole traders left to wait for a stimulus that has been promised and not yet delivered? 

I'm so confused with this whole situation, and if someone can shed some light for me, then please do, because honestly - WTF!? 

~ Aimee