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What is a Chakra Massage?

Written by Kerri-Ann Sheppard


Posted on July 22 2020

Going to have a massage is often seen as a positive form of self-care. Often we think only of attending to the needs of our physical bodies, what about the energetic needs of our bodies? Having a chakra massage is different from a typical massage, although it has many similar elements of a body focused massage. 

What are Chakras?

Our body is made up of energy channels and the main one runs from the top of our head to the base of our spine. There are seven main energy centres in our bodies, with many minor centres. These locations are the energetic level of our consciousness. When they are free flowing you will notice an increased sense of well-being and sensations of balance. When they are blocked your health and well-being will suffer which can lead to dis-ease. 

The Chakras are as follows:


Emotional State

Associated colour






Third Eye


Deep Blue




Light Blue






Solar Plexus


Orangey Yellow



Sexuality, Creativity

Dark Orange



Basic Trust



Each of these energy centres relates to a specific location on the human body and the corresponding emotional state and usually to a particular physical manifestation. For example, if you think of the phrase “kicked in the guts” - it relates to the solar plexus chakra and is usually associated with a sense of loss or decrease in personal power. We literally experience that as an intense pain in our stomach region despite no physical contact with our stomach occurring.  

What is a Chakra Massage?

As human beings we are more than flesh and bones, we also have an energetic presence. Often we think of going to have a massage to address the physical concerns and ailments of our bodies, yet do not necessarily tend to the energetic needs of our bodies. A chakra massage tends to the energetic well-being of our body. It is a form of healing which predominantly focuses on our energetic body, as distinct to our physical body. 

A chakra massage aims to balance each of the energy centres. If we think of the energy flow as a continuum, ideally we want to create a sense of openness and flow in energy movement. Each individual physical location is worked on using circular clockwise strokes. 

During the massage, the practitioner will invite you to focus on and connect to your chakras in turn. Often your practitioner will use essential oils and crystals to amplify the healing effect of the massage.

What are the benefits of a chakra massage?

As with most massage therapies, you will leave feeling an increased sense of calm. Due to the energetic nature of this massage you may experience a heightened sense of harmony and balance. You may feel that your overall sense of well-being is significantly improved after a chakra massage. 

Massages are an important part of any self-care and self-nurturing practice. Looking after your energetic and physical body will help you holistically look after your well-being. 

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