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Welcome and what a week!

Written by Aimee Hair


Posted on February 28 2019

Oh hey there!! 

I'm so glad you are here!! Welcome to my brand new website and thank you so much for taking the time to visit, I really am so grateful for your support.

Well... WHAT. A. WEEK. It started at about 12.30am Sunday with a crying baby who needed a Mummy cuddle (because, really who can pass up a Mummy cuddle...), followed by a vomiting middle son at 1am.

For those that don't know, Lukas (the middle one) has a condition called Hirschsprungs Disease. It is here a section of the bowel doesn't develop nerves during fetal development and therefore causes a bowel blockage when the baby is born. Surgery is needed to fix the blockage and in some cases (and in Lukey's case) the baby will need to wear a bag to collect bodily waste until a final operation to reattach everything can be done. The disease is rare and in most cases affects 1 in 5000 births and only a portion of the colon. Lukas, however is a 1 in 1,000,000 case with all of his colon and 21cm of small intestine affected. He was also born with only 1 kidney.

Now, when Lukas has any sort of vomiting it can become an emergency situation very quickly. With not having a colon and missing some small intestine, he dehydrates quickly on a normal day... add vomiting into the mix and we have a recipe for disaster if we don't act quickly. So 1.30am and two vomits in - we were on our way to the Emergency Department at the Hospital (I swear we should have our own car park and private bed in this place). 

In just under 24 hours we were all clear of whatever bug Lukas had caught and I was very happy to send him back to school on Wednesday (like seriously, that kid is full on when he has energy to burn). 

Then it was hit the ground running for me to get my website going and get everything ready for the pre-sale of my book. This has, to date, been a 10 month labour of love (and tears, and hard work, and rejections, and re-writes...) but it has all lead me to this point and I am so incredibly proud of what I have been able to put together. 

'Can You Smell the Rainbow' was dreamed up one morning while I was sitting at a set of traffic lights. I'd gone home to have a break from being at the hospital with our brand new baby who was also born with Hirschsprung's Disease. He was one week old and recovering from the operation he'd had at day three. I was thinking to myself, how I am going to tell Lukas he needs to have ANOTHER operation in six weeks time? Because he has had so many operations, he is well aware of what happens when we go into the theater and the experience is nothing short of traumatic... not only for him, but for the parent taking him in. I didn't know whether to give him lead in for it, wait till we got there, or maybe the night before?? I was lost with what to do and I really didn't want him to have that same trauma going in that he has experienced in the past. I looked out the window while the light was still red to admire the sky and the clouds... there was as rainbow. Somehow, the idea just popped into my head, "i'll tell him that the mask they put on his face smells like a rainbow and if he takes a really deep breath in, he will find out what a rainbow smells like!" 

I rang Dion and said "don't let me forget this! I've had a great idea... I'm going to write a book!" Bless my husband, I must come to him at least once a week with a new 'idea' and he always listens to what I have to say. He loved the idea... thought it was great! I immediately got started - I emailed our lawyers to see what I needed to do copyright wise, started jotting notes in my phone and got really excited about the prospect of writing my own children's book. 

I'm a go hard or go home sort of girl, so there is no 'doing it small' with me. I wrote the manuscript, registered to all the writers groups and started searching for a literary agent or a publisher. Turns out, if you are a nobody and a new author it is VERY hard to get your work published! Most of the places I tried weren't taking any new unpublished authors and the ones that I was able to get onto thought my work was good, but they didn't have the scope to help me. I went from such a high and so much energy and excitement with my project, to a low, where I thought no one would ever see my book. No one would ever get to read the wonderful story that I wrote. A few months had passed when I gave myself a slap in the face (not literally) and said to myself "Big girl panties on now Aimee. You've battled through so much in your life, you can do this! Publish it yourself!"

So that's what I'm doing, I found an illustrator, found a printer and doing all the groundwork myself. I will prove to the ones who said 'no' to me that what I've got is gold and they are missing out on being a part of something great! See, the thing about me and how I've become successful and got through so much in life, is that I don't give up and I don't take no for an answer! I believe that if something is in your thoughts all the time and you feel passion for it, then you should do everything humanly possible to chase it down and grab it! No one else get's to decide the fate of my life, I create my life and I won't let a 'no' get in my way!

Oh and by the way... the result of the story to Lukey...
It worked, I told him the 'Can You Smell the Rainbow' story and it helped to alleviate some of his feelings going in! I told the same story to my eldest son when he had his first operation a few months ago - he BLEW ME AWAY! He jumped up on the bed and was so excited to know what a rainbow smelled like and went straight to sleep, no upsets at all!!

~ Aimee xx