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Our challenges are our greatest teachers.

Written by Aimee Hair


Posted on October 01 2019

In the words of Martin Luther King ‘I have a dream.’ I dreamed - all my life I dreamed -  of a ‘better life.’ I dreamed that I would achieve powerfully amazing things, I dreamed that a man would come into my life, love the shit out of me and sweep me off my feet. I dreamed that I would have the courage to confront my mother and she would listen, understand, say sorry to me, hug me and then change. I dreamed that life would be fun, and I would be happy. I dreamed of being in front of large crowds (that literally was a dream one time… I was a back-up dancer for Britney Spears, it was awesome… I do this sometimes, it’s my crazy mind that pops an idea and I just have to share because I think it’s funny…. See you’re smiling now aren’t you, I can tell), making people laugh, smile, cry and have personal breakthroughs. It all seemed like it was only ever going to be a dream - until I woke up, stamped my foot and became who I was born to be.

I believe that life happens for us, not to us. The challenges or curve balls (if you will) that life throws us are there deliberately to help us unlock true potential. And if we keep watching the ball fly past us, and not even attempt to swing the bat for fear of missing the shot, then life will keep throwing that ball until we attempt that hit. It’s okay to miss it, the point is – you tried – and with that you will learn what went wrong, adjust your stance, and smash that ball OUT OF THE PARK next time! Your challenges or ‘curve balls’ are the key to unlocking your superpower. They are there to teach you, to open your eyes… they are a blessing! When you start seeing them for what they are, you will be truly unstoppable.

Life threw me curve balls, over and over and over again… until I started to swing at it. My curve balls are massive, they have been traumatic, they have caused grazes that I struggled to heal, but when I finally did – WHOA! Just you wait and see what this superpower has given me! I’m just getting started, I have so much to offer and I’m hoping this ignites that spark in you to start swinging for that ball… You’ve got this!


~ Aimee x