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In the words of Beyonce - Who run the world? GIRLS!

Written by Aimee Hair


Posted on March 08 2019

Happy International Women's Day! You know, this day has only just made sense to me this year. I guess in the past I was naive and I lived in my own little 'Aimee world' not really having a concern for the bigger picture. So this year, I paid a fair bit of attention to what 'International Women's Day' was really all about and what it meant to me.

Did you know, it was 1902 when Australia became the first nation to allow women the right to vote and be elected into parliament. 1902 guys! Let's think about that for a second... up until 1902 women weren't even allowed the simple dignity of having a voice in the way this fine country was run. It seems pretty inconceivable in this day and age when women are kicking butt all around the world, that just over 100 years ago we weren't even allowed to tick a piece of paper and that it took a further 41 years before a female would be elected into Australian parliament. This isn't ancient history team, this is recent, this is in the time of our grandmothers! 

Haven't women gone on to achieve outstanding things since the early 1900's!? Internationally we've had female Prime Ministers (and may I just say, Jacinda Ardern, you ROCK girl!!), in 1967 Katherine Switzer became the first female to complete the all-male Boston marathon, in 1972 we saw the first female CEO of a fortune 500 company, Oprah Winfrey - need I say more? That lady is a QUEEN! 

How lucky are we to be alive in this day and age? A time when women can be the main income earners of the household and the men are stay-at-home-dads! A time when we have rights, rights as simple as an education, the right to live without violence, slavery and discrimination. I think I was so naive and almost ignorant to all of this in the past, because I had never experienced it. Can you imagine what life would have been like before? Before we had strong women who took a stand and said 'enough!' Before we had women who didn't take 'no' for answer and instead said 'I'll show you!' 

THIS is why we celebrate International Women's Day, to celebrate the strong women who have come before us and the strong women who continue to lead the way. Celebrate that we have power, we have strength, that anything a man can do - we can do. Ladies, let's cut out the crap of tearing each other down, because for THOUSANDS of years we had men tearing us down, telling us 'NO,' that we weren't good enough, that a GIRL couldn't do the things that they could do. Respect the generations before us that copped abuse, torture, and neglect and show some pride in the power of your fellow female! 

Here's to a lifetime of women continuing to dominate in a multitude of industries, globally!
Here's to the women having a crack at starting their own business.
Here's to the women that walk away from abusive relationships, because you know what girlfriend, you DESERVE better!
Here's to the women who have fought for our rights and continue to do so! 
Here's to you, for just showing up and being un-apologetically, YOU!

Who Run the World? GIRLS!